Hey, party people, it’s Saturday night and we hope you are enjoying your drinks at the moment!

Our yesterday’s cocktail tour led us to Shoreditch and this is why we will be talking about Dirty Bones Shoreditch tonight.

Being lazy in the mornings we tend to end up in an uber trying to get to work in time and for the past 3 months we’ve been stuck in traffic right in front of Dirty Bones and this made us wonder what do they hide behind such a cool name.

So, after checking out the DrinkUp LDN guide, we were on our way to try the Club Row Sour (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, limoncello, vanilla schnapps and Monin bubblegum syrup served with a toasted marshmallow).

Firstly, finding a place where you can actually hear your companion on Friday night is a challenge, so if you feel more like talking than shouting – Dirty Bones is the place. The lights are just perfectly dimmed, tasteful music and Calum, who greeted us with 2 Club Row Sours and a great conversation.

By the end of the night, we felt so good, inspired and drunk that we decided to return once the hangover is gone and get some shots done. Enjoy!

Magic performed by Calum O’Flynn.





And when you think “that’s it! Marshmallows!” here come the bubbles!




Stay tuned for more!