It’s the last day of #LCW16 and the cocktail village will get very crowded tonight. Time to go? Now!

We’ve briefly covered this stand earlier but Duck & Waffle and Grey Goose deserve a separate post. We think pretty much everyone is in love with their LCW cocktail selection by now, but also these guys got people talking about the skills and the show they put on making their drinks(literally, you hear the stories being told in different parts of London).

Massimiliano Terrile, Duck & Waffle’s head bartender, served us a Ristretto Negroski a few days ago. Hurry up and he’ll make you one as well!

And cheers to the rest of the team behind the bar – Francesco Betti and Gunai Yusein!

Here are some more pictures. Enjoy and make sure to drop by the stand!